Grand Theft Audio

by Scatter Brain The Acid Atheist

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Recorded in Hollywood during a life of music industry infamy. Grand Theft Audio Volume 1 is the super reality of a copyright criminal. Follow Scatter Brain The Acid Atheist on his adventures of jacking for beats and attacking wack mc’s.


released April 20, 2010

Bleedin Sounds Like Murder, Infinity Gauntlet, 21 Gramz, Morti Viventear, Scripto, & Matthew Hall



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Track Name: Red October
Let me tell you what time it is...

It's Red October, 2010
Red Lotus Klan in the house with 10,000 men
and we world wide web entangled
people say my brain is infected by angels
in Hollywood my community's strange
arrange all my decibel's way past unity gain
my heart gets weighed against the rusty talon of destruction
the art of medicine divine judge consumption
bloodletting getting straight sent to hell
I'm Pharoahe Arrowesmith accompanied by Nurse Jezebelle
expel formulas that scholars can't replicate
try to grab my rap book and watch your hands vesicate
to set it straight the beef and pork is tainted
so taste this blowtorch with the plasma sword derangement
ego in flames feel cooler than Ferris Beuller
I prey to God to free my mind from it's tyrannic ruler
Track Name: 99 Cent Nightmare
I spit actual fact this is wild animal rap
I'm in the concrete jungle where every savage is at
and it feels like a maze cause the labyrinth is packed
when Scatter Brain holds the crown i'ma never hand it back
that's a quote watch that microphone develop smoke
cause I'm the shit that Nostradamus seen inside his telescope
quantum leaping in the studio exhaling smoke
up until october 2006 i never wrote
I'm ghost I reappear on any coast
in the streets with a spray can cause Creatures Do The Most
when we're damaging your property set the scene properly
you're going to see the City Crushed Catastrophically
this is Red Lotus Klan/ Masters Of The U
disastrous to you suckas with a different point of view
and a different train of thought the cold world is hot
shifting shapes in the circle thinking outside the box
my gallery is dark it's a gallery of art
i got DaVinci's brain with Edgar Allen's heart
and I paint tragedy once I get a creative spark
tear your family apart watch reality depart
this the start of Scatter Brain orchestrating Heaven's opera
messiah mobster with a radiating crown chakra
no blood in my veins just infrared beams
nuclear noise pollution mixed with methampethamines
never seen ski mask on leave without traces
take it to the wall like Pac Man and spray up faces
haters want to face us cops want to chase us
Creatures Crush Cops and we're leaving victims faceless
computer server sounds like murder
Closed Casket Ceremony Extinguish Your Burner
I strike like a tyrant from the dead planet
the King Of Style Kase 2 serve lines single handed
understand it ? my frame of mind launch and hit you
spit a scripture sick as Hitler writing Mein Kampf you get the picture ?
Track Name: Intoxicated Astronaut
I'm in San Diego going through crazy drama
where shit could get ugly just like your baby mama
this fool was hating on me cause I might be the best yet
but all that internet gossip really wasn't their best bet
this one of my first verses I'm composed like a fresh vet
I'll disconnect your spine now your back and your chest wet
I'm the phantom of the opera hardly ever seen
wilding out like the Gaslamp Killer on special ketamine
Masters Of The Universe revoking your pass your throat could get slashed
when it's overcast I'm smoking some hash
catch me in a dirty club with clean jeans and some dirty shoes
get on some ignorant shit after some 32's
only known in the city for rolling with some dirty crews
fuck around with us and get put on the 7:30 news
I ain't amused by any subliminal diss track
that's a literal mismatch I got a criminal syntax
in fact pass the glock and I'll blast a cop
throw a black rose in his grave before the casket drops
then smash the spot cause you ain't half as hot
I'm Sir Lancealot Intoxicated Astronaut
psychoactive savant with machete's to flaunt
CCC dead man walking ready to haunt
so what you want homeboy ? this off the top of the dome
after some shots of patron I just hopped in the zone
it's nothing...
what the fuck you talking about man ? you know what ? YOU STILL SUCK
Track Name: Young Dirty Bastard
Yeah before the rigor mortis spreads turn up this Portishead and Scatter Brain Kilowattz/ Civil War Gang... haha... Freestyle ?...

Off the top of the dome it's top of the line
there ain't no stopping my shine when I'm dropping a rhyme
recognize a Young Dirty Bastard authored the file
cause sometimes I feel like I got a fatherless style
regardless I'm wild in So. Cal we could war tomorrow
kill a man on Silver Strand then dump him off the Coronado
bridge I got a partnership with a heartless click
puff blunts and start some shit get drunk and shark your chick
and now I'm hardly 619 party scene
coked out with a white girl like I'm Charlie Sheen
in Hell's kitchen with a psychoactive recipe
cause dike bitches love dick on ecstacy
I'm rolling up some fresh buds in the optimo
money, power, respect, sex, drugs, rock & roll
you got to know Scatter Brain's your newest idol
spitting hidden verses that are sacred as the jewish bible
and when I'm smoking Deep Purple it's global warming
open up The Doors and see Iron Butterfly's swarming
freestyle radical dark smart cannibal remarks
these bars restrict monsters a wild animal park
and you don't want to battle with my pterodactyl
ascending from the page and chewing off your adam's apple
pass the scalpel Scatter Brain is more than smart
I got shrapnel stuck to my heart like I'm Tony Starks
mixed with Dr. Satan parasympathetic
dissolving cellular membranes with my anaesthetics
with George Bush on acid tabs talking to reptiles
drinking blood from body bags decipher all my freestyles
kicking the Doors of Perception off the hinges
rhymes dirty like syringes on AIDS infested heroin binges
the jedi knight red eye flight my destination tonight
a 619 crime scene embedded in my rhyme scheme
when felons are freed the heaven's will bleed
with devilish greed I'm plotting for green pedaling weed
I got bread so fuck what your block said
I'm a pothead the dot's red drop a cop dead...
Track Name: Myspace Rhyme Continuum
When you see me on the mic it's like darkness vs. light
riots form underneath the quiet storm i am born
parachuting thoughts in scorn off the tops of skyscrapers
alchemical equations are written down on papers
and spread throughout the masses with space, dust, and gasses
the timeless imagery is like upside down hour glasses
I smash infinity and then I sketch lines of symmetry
Audio Renaissance HD takeover the industry
cause in the streets I'm Gang Starr beyond your comprehension
so when general's talk I stalk with Concrete Connection
we're breaking off the locks to all the doors of perception
cause deception sounds like tv's with bad reception
approaching gutter music with a different apprehension
with 10,000 reflections that are surpassing perfection
straight out the C section I'm yelling FREE TENSHUN
open the portal up so I can enter a new dimension...

Yeah I'm out of here man ya'll fools are still on myspace logging on ? man fuck ya'll don't be trying to add me on your friend's list man I don't want ya'll man. ya'll is bitch ass cats any way. quit biting. get the fuck off that dick man. fuck your profile views. fuck all that. you know what I'm saying ? log off....... right now you know what I'm saying ? lol...

I see the throne shining bright on my GPS
the final relic is concealed inside my treasure chest
I'm never stressed I'm like a west coast Lord Finesse
Scatter Brain certified game like THX
I'm spaced in so you know I'm on some other shit
when I'm abducting aliens then hi-jacking the mothership
Brain Scatter Galactica sun and moon massacre
while you're on myspace loading pictures from your camera
I'm a inner space traveller so you know there's no comparison
smashing up opponents like I'm Rodney Harrison
back in SD embarrassing these clowns on the west coast
Old Town Whaley House who wants to be the next ghost ?
checkmate your hate then lead the lambs to the slaughter
moving formless like water I'll decapitate the king of Sparta
for solace murder the language flawless
a braveheart with art killing english with William Wallace
Track Name: Sun Of Anarchy
Try to fly too high and I'm burning your wings
cause I'm the Sun Of Anarchy overlord of the rings
overload blood spilling I'm a boss hog
Red Lotus Klan grand children of a lost God
we beyond mythical ya'll fools are typical
this is Grand theft Audio say hello to a criminal
lyrical gang bang lynching lieutenants
Smoke Break Records declaration of independence
no remnants when you pussy cats caps get peeled
suckas be like playing themselves to have mass appeal
underneath each line's a proximity mine
when you step the mushroom cloud looks like an infinity sign
I vividly shine my flow is so unparalleled
I'm Chucky at a carnival killing kids at the carousel
you need to realize I'm a water board sympathizer
I'll steal your soul through the brain scatter synthesizer
I'm with Mischif blazing blunts in a Buick Regal
laughing at you stupid people thinking that my music's evil
run in the spot light who the fuck is dissing me ?
holler at me on some beef I need that publicity
so attention gets drawn like guns hieroglyphically
if you ever get to read then you could feel the misery
die miserably the battle rap scene ain't shit to me
I'm a freestyle phantom cold chilling at the symphony
Track Name: San Diego Pop Trotter
I'm a San Diego Pop Trotter
guarantee ain't nobody on your block hotter
my ID gots an image of deep space
with my words diving head first into wheat paste
posted up ya'll already know what's up
$50,000 in the bank still feeling broke as fuck
10 women me and Sounds Like Murder
on a bus named "further" God/ Devil business merger
you heard the Manson family ? well they can't really fuck with us
eliminate your deity now kids are only trusting us
so hang me on a speaker cross
I'm smoking reefer listening to Peter Tosh
Smoke Break Records guaranteed to smash a fake
crush your face then press it on a acetate
$10 retail cop it on the website
confirmation email force feeding you dead light...

Track Name: Septic Tank Of Thought
I modify my mental state on a vacation
in claymation with a claymore for your space station
scatter the seeds of the sacred rose
at night nobody knows where this angel goes
i mc alone unaccepted eclectic
misunderstood a lot of rappers feeling disrespected
development arrested career septic tank
of thought foreshadowed with dimentia’s paint
world trade sentence from a navajo
van gogh with a calico southern cali flow
San Diego if you want to be exact
this epitaph distorts sound on your tonotopic map
where’s the chronic ? this that psycho active grimey rap
on some next shit I ain’t trying to bring the 90's back
let me tell you who u know who u fucking with
i'm everything but at the same time i'm nothingness
acid atheist divine rhyme conditioner
crime commisioner 10 times as high as the listener
so listen up and check the stats
I got a outstanding record for spitting out reckless raps
step out the scene like king nebuchadnezzar
bloody professor do the most never the lesser
Track Name: Electro Shock Therapy
mixtape massacre california battle master
scatter brain will slap a rapper with a stratocaster
spellbound lost found hollywood hell bound
beat a bitch down like chris brown then skip town
on the greyhound ride out 5 south to the border
or the valley with scripto the overdose recorder
got the new world out of order every time i spit a rap
cause i'm a nuclear war reporter west coast aristocrat
programming verses that i wrote in digital cursive
to the gospel hymns of violins at inner city churches
that echo from the chambers to the doorway
recorded at the doomsday vault in arctic norway
with brown noise on a bent spoon that's polluting rap
like kobe bryant shooting guns or confucious shooting smack
pixar poetic start moving back if you ain't scared of me
this aint a song it's electro shock therapy
Track Name: RLK Concentration Camp
this is a Red Lotus Klan concentration camp
holding a pentacle chemical chambers endanger crabs
paranoia pollute my health
next time i load the gun i might shoot myself
IF I was you and had beef with my syndicate
Scatter Brain ripping shit Infinite
Gauntlet running the game on some savage shit
teleport you from your job into a bad acid trip
I'm the Extra Large Professor in the lab Breaking Atoms
Main Source on the street moving like faceless phantoms
with witches at the fire pit I'm The Kevlar Christ
tripping high as shit burn the skulls of these Templar Knights
while I'm smoking ice draped in sacred linen
sipping potion surrounded by naked women
at the political party happy hour
I'm pissy drunk off power and whiskey sour
I spit bars full of drunk hip hop heads
that criticize every thing a wack rapper says
king of the axis practice mind over matter
bring John The Baptist's head back on the platter shattered
comet cataclysm scattering diamonds
symphonic middle passage shattering climbing
mountains the highest peak is beneath my reach
if your arms grasp the concept then intelligence is impeached
my ice cold flow is similar to Canadian avalanches
land slide pipe bomb paragraph advances
got studio's smoked out like Bangkok night clubs
where I holler at the connect I'm 51/50
strictly filthy cause hatred's alive and well
whether you're in Heaven or residing in Hell
dropping a curse destroying a mosque
bombing a church toying with Gods
I'm the talk of Daygo off a bag of yayo
got my eyes to the skies like Galileo
in the stars masterminding alchemy
beyond up to par wordplay tragedy cavalry
bum rushing fools like Russians do
spontaneous combustible you touching who ?
I'm the last to surrender call me Geronimo
flash bom contenders then I got to go
Track Name: Ring The Alarm
Ring the alarm I'm bringing the harm
to wack mc's with a fat lady singing a song like...

I stand before kings not you unknown men
understand I wore wings while you rode chrome rims
now I'm watching all you geeks lose it
6 feet deep rooted in my South East street music
cause them other fools ain't hardly rapping
circus acting on stage dancing like Charlie Chaplin
I'm Charlie Manson welcome to the terrordome
terracotta son of Sarah Conner marijuana's own
abomination the wicked getting sacrificed
put the knife to your throat you're a man given appetite
you ain't a black belt so I suggest you kick back
it's my time to Shyne I'll blow Puffy Combs' wig back
like click clack you bitch cat right back to the essence
from this melancholy gypsy an un-living legend
giving Heaven to all you little demons that's seeking Hell
with Jennifer Lopez legs open in a sleeper cell
don't hate me hate the rhymes that I spit, crimes I commit,
dimes that I hit in due time you'll find I'm the shit
I'm Saint Michael paint rifles undeniable
San Diego rap is dead you could hold me liable
revelation molecule in a different category
so go and spit your half ass rapper story
I'm too phospherous for all you gossipers
night stalking prosperous if you want to talk of us
chopped to dust Red Lotus Smithsonian pedigree
the Rotten King says you ain't really fresh to me
this extra sensory mixed in with telemetry
I wrote this off some opium and hennessy
you going dumb thizzing my tracks are stupider
i'm hog tying Lucifer chilling on Jupiter
then I'm to Hollywood rapping with a butcher knife
my life ain't right 'til I fuck Ashton Kutcher's wife
I'm letting all you fake rappers know
it's Smoke Break Records Grand Theft Audio
Track Name: Les Diable En Personne
I want to scalp the Lion Of Zion
I want to snipe Superman when I see him flying
zoned out on some other shit reflecting
rolling with my brothers make the mothership connection
my parliament's psychedelic on a natural high
although I am smoking blunts and listening to Blowfly
I met Picasso in a day dream for real
he told me "bad artists copy and good artists steal"
so this the Grand Theft Audio conspiracy theory
inspired by Rob Zombie and Timothy Leary
45 vinyl dropper phantom of the opera
war of the grand alliances military scientist
it's Scatter Brain making my curtain call
this mix is sort of like the brcks to the Berlin Wall
lyrical landscapes constructing urban sprawls
with Morti Viventear at a Montreal music hall
Kilowattz made men hang ten
on the sound wave digital noose around your brain stem
my mind state is screwed up like music in Texas
I spit like I ate Satan's solar plexus for breakfast
the nexus yeah I'm a artist/ rapper
you couldn't understand half of what the Opera House manufactures
and that's my brain you suckas couldn't explain it
inside my lab with new music chemical arrangements
I'm almost famous can't nobody rock a beat better
high strung probably die young call me Heath Ledger